Abiding Life Seminars

What is an abiding life seminar about? 

An abiding life seminar is about Christ and abiding in Him. It teaches on the reality of His indwelling life in practical situations in relationships with God, others, and with ourselves.  One simple message is the focus: there is nothing the Presence of Christ does not overcome in our lives.  Many seminars focus on what the believer does not have, but abiding life seminars emphasize what we do have through the indwelling Christ, and how His life is released through us.


Topics include:

The purpose of problems and suffering

Getting life in order: God’s answer to confusion.

Understanding the development of the self-life.

Participation in the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. The exchange of our life for His Life.

Controlled by image.

The cause and cure of worry, doubt, fear and depression.

Unbelieving believers. Faith.

Understanding and accepting your uniqueness.

Moment by moment abiding, and taking up the Cross.

A Christ-centred marriage

The true purpose of obedience….

and many more!


What teaching materials are used?

The teaching resources used are from Abiding Life Ministries International, written by Dr Michael Wells, founding Director. These include “Living the Abiding Life Conference Notebook”; “Sidetracked in the Wilderness”, and “Problems, God’s Presence and Prayer”, “The Heavenly Discipleship Profile”     These will be available for purchase during the seminar.


Who is the seminar for?

It is for everybody. The goal is to disciple people into Christ, and believers in Christ. Participants include not only the defeated and discouraged, but also those seeking to be equipped to help others.  The teaching of the foundations of the Christian life, and how Christ is relevant to our past, present and future will minister to all who have a desire for Christ alone focused ministry into their lives.


How is it presented?

A Basic seminar can usually be accomplished in 6 – 8 hours. Say, three 2-hour evening sessions, or two 3-hour sessions,

or even a whole day.

Advanced and training seminars run for longer periods by arrangement.

Teaching is done with the aid of diagrams from the Conference Notebook using an overhead projector.


Is every abiding life seminar the same?

The basic material and diagrams are always the foundation of each seminar. However, because ALMI believes in the unique expression of this message through each person, each seminar will be different. Many who have attended often, enjoy the fact that each one is unique. Because our emphasis is not on a program, for  the teacher and participants there is flexibility within the material for the Holy Spirit to lead.

Linda Guy integrates her own experiences, illustrations and material as she teaches. She also likes to include, where time permits, breakup groups and discussion.


Where are seminars held?

Linda conducts seminars where she is invited by churches, ministries, Bible Colleges, and organizations. As a director with ALMI, she works with pastors, leaders, women’s ministries and small groups in many denominations, both in New Zealand and internationally.


What is involved in hosting a seminar?

The host provides the venue, overhead projector and screen, and advertising. ( fliers available)

The cost for the host is transport, airfares if necessary and accommodation for the speaker.

A freewill offering is also taken up each seminar. This money is used for sponsoring seminars and work in ALMI’s worldwide ministry in developing countries in which the people are unable to contribute much financially.