I Did Not Know: My Testimony

People often ask me how I got involved with counseling and teaching with Abiding Life Ministries Intl. Here I am a wife, mother of five and grandmother of three, sharing with defeated, discouraged believers as well as traveling to far off lands such as Nigeria, Ukraine, Latvia and Haiti. (At least far aware from my … [Read more…]

He Really Did Take It!

The very moment that we give something to God, He takes it. When we present ourselves to Him, when we surrender our lives, our problems, our children, our future, our idols, or whatever it is, He hears us and takes it. The thing is we really do not believe that He has, because it often … [Read more…]

A New Years Christmas

I wish to propose that the date of Christmas be changed from 25 December to 1 January. Let me explain my reason.  At Christmas, we focus on a baby. How people love to worship at the feet of baby Jesus. Certainly, we get caught up in a medley of Christianity, sentimentality, emotionalism, false concepts of … [Read more…]

He Saw This Day

Today, this day that I am walking in Christ and living and abiding in Him, God saw.  This day, in which He is my Peace, my joy and my Hope, God saw. That day, years ago, when I was defeated and discouraged and thought I could no longer go on, God saw ahead to this … [Read more…]

The Vision Accomplished

I was once praying when a burden came upon my heart. As I prayed for the gospel of Jesus and abiding in Him to go out to defeated believers around the world, I could see a woman. I knew she lived in mountains, and continuing in prayer, the burden increased and the name Carpathian Mountains … [Read more…]