He Really Did Take It!

The very moment that we give something to God, He takes it. When we present ourselves to Him, when we surrender our lives, our problems, our children, our future, our idols, or whatever it is, He hears us and takes it. The thing is we really do not believe that He has, because it often seems that nothing has changed. I was driving along listening to a Christian Radio Station. That old favorite came on, ‘I surrender All, All to Jesus I surrender’. It played softly in the background to my many thoughts of shopping lists, things to do, meals to prepare. Suddenly within my heart, I heard His Voice, “I did take it”. Tears welled up and I cried out, “yes, Jesus, You did take my life; you did hear me!” I wept with joy.

Had it been 10 years, or 20, or even 30 since I first ‘surrendered all’? Defeated, desperate, broken and weary, I had yielded all to Him. I was always worried that I had not meant it 100%, and so I continued to give Him back the same things. But my first feeble act of surrender had been met by God’s great power to take, to hold and to keep.

Now, in the car, He opened my eyes to see what He had done in and through my life since that very first exchange of my life for Christ’s life. He indeed is the faithful One. We rest not in what we have done, but in who He is. He has taken what you have yielded to Him. He took it the first time. He is working though you see it not, for His way is perfect. By faith thank Him that He does have you, and all you have yielded, and rest in His Love.


He is able to keep that which I have committed to Him   2 Timothy 2:12




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