International Ministry

Much of Linda Guy’s Abiding Life Ministries Intl. ministry is in developing countries. These include Ukraine, Latvia, Nigeria, Ghana, Borneo, South Africa, Haiti and the Philippines. In these countries, she usually travels out of the main cities to remote villages and towns. She believes her ministry is to the ‘one’, and in every meeting trusts God to touch this one person she has been sent for. Time and time again, folk come up and say ‘you are here just for me’. After all, Christ’s ministry was always to the ‘one’.

Seminars are conducted in all places with the goal of ultimately making the resources available in the local language; and training the believers to disciple and teach others the abiding life message. The ALMI resources have already been translated into several languages, and work continues on more.

It is recognized that Christians in most of these countries are unable to pay for the ministry. ALMI’s policy is to sponsor such seminars, and Linda’s expenses are paid for by supporters and ministry in countries such as New Zealand, Australia and USA. We do not recruit financial supporters, but make the needs known and encourage God’s people to simply allow Him to lead them in their giving. The purpose of this page is to give brief reports on recent trips, in recognition of the many who participate with her in prayer and encouragement.  There is much to give thanks to God for as you will see in these photos and news.