Introducing Linda Guy

Linda and her husband Bob, a building developer, live in Auckland, New Zealand. They have 5 adult children; four sons and a daughter. Their 2 eldest sons are married, one family living in the USA with the 3 grandchildren.

Linda is, by profession a teacher, and enjoys lecturing and teaching seminars on the abiding life to adults in many different countries and denominations. Ukraine, Latvia, Nigeria, Ghana, USA, and the Philippines are some of the countries she travels to regularly. Linda has been involved in this ministry, and in personal discipleship counseling for 10 years. Previously, she was fully occupied with raising her family. Her years of experience as a teacher, mother, wife, and secretary for Bob’s business equip her well to understand many of the problems people face in daily life.

She has spent many hours counseling discouraged believers. Her training, though formally with Abiding Life Ministries International has also been through experiencing defeat herself as a Christian. After many years of being lost in the wilderness and of searching for answers in theology, different churches, and legalism, God bought her to the revelation of what it really means to be crucified with Christ, and yet alive in Him. This love of the message of abiding in the Presence of Christ motivates her to share with individuals and churches who invite her.

As International Director of Women’s Ministries for ALMI, Linda teaches in seminars and conferences to women, but she is also invited to teach both men and women in many places. She and Bob are one in this ministry, with Bob also being actively involved. They attend and share at ‘Word of Life Fellowship” in Howick, Auckland.